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Marc Delgado is a singer/songwriter, poet & storyteller from Woodstock, NY. His recent studio album: Wildwood Road is filled with cinematic, psychedelic snapshots of his days of addiction & violence, living out of motels up & down California’s San Joaquin Valley. Woven into these scenes are songs of loss & survival, redemption, recovery & love. Recorded in Hurley, NY at Hurley Sound with producer & band mate, Justin Tracy, Delgado has thrown his hat into the ring & announced his arrival as an artist to be noticed. Part folkie, poet, raconteur & stand-up comic, Delgado tells stories & shares his experience from dark to light & all the shadows in between. With two live solo records under his belt: Live at Pete’s Candy Store Volumes I & II Delgado keeps moving forward finding his truest self on the stage. He is currently at work on a new studio album & his book, The Black Socks: A book of stories & poems & other stuff that may or may not have actually happened… is due out this Fall.