Marty O’Reilly

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“How does one put into words the soundtrack of a dream? …But that is the kind of music that Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra make.”


“a culmination of blues, folk, and soul inflections that altogether develop a sound that’s fresh and cosmic.”


“If you are the kind of music listener that likes to connect with your music and understand the importance of textured sound, then it is time for you to find these guys.”


“A band true to its name…soulful”


Folk-Soul-Blues artist Marty O’Reilly embodies some rare form of musical catharsis that is seldom accessed and seldom witnessed on-stage in the performing arts world. So true and so honest is the expression of Marty. Raw, passionate, smokey vocals captain the ship of a live performance teeming with ecstatic heights, driving grooves and delicate ballads all delivered in uncompromised, penetrating emotion. There are songs about cambium, songs about cannabilism, political disagreement, a three-legged dog, a canary in a coal mine, and mass suicide. There are also songs about love and deep caring, songs about family, and snapshots of lush landscapes – portrayed lush and vivid in beautiful detail. Marty often exits the stage out of breath and dripping in his own sweat, leaving his audience in a rich fulness of heartwarming splendor.

Marty and the band have toured the US, Canada, U.K. and Europe over the release of three full-length albums – most recently Signal Fires (released in 2021). Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Marty has amassed a dedicated following and has become a household name on the west coast and beyond selling out classic venues such as The Chapel in San Francisco and consistently bringing out 200-400 fans to every major city across the West Coast. Marty has performed at notable festivals such as Del Fest, High Sierra and Huichica Music Festival as well as shared the stage with Aoife O’Donovan, The Rainbow Girls, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Shakey Graves, Deer Tick and Calexico.

Preach 'Em Now Live from Nicholas Mihm on Vimeo.