Matt Hutchison

Shows at the Purple Fiddle

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Matt Hutchison & The Big ‘Gin’s approach to a live show is a simple one. “Hit ‘em hard, hit ‘em quick, and leave them begging for more.”

From the very beginning, Matt has been inspired by a good song and story. When he was six years old, he fell for The Beatles so hard that he thought he was in fact Paul McCartney, even going so far as to put that name at the top of his school work. He later spent three of his formative years living in England soaking up the sounds of the early British Invasion and digging into the catalog of early Rock & Roll and Country Western music.

Breathing life into a prolific catalog of songs as the Big ‘Gin, Hutchison has put together a power trio of drums, bass and guitar, confidently represented by Matt as well as New York/Baltimore talents Mike Vincent Ross and Zack Branch. These earworms and the band’s rapport and stage presence will stay with you long after their taillights fade away into the night.

“He takes you on a rollercoaster of energy and emotion… What makes his sound so immediately interesting, though, is that it is melodic and altogether engaging. There’s a sense of honesty within the way he portrays himself in his songs that makes his words seem both relatable and authentic.” – Alec Cunningham (2015)

“…Hutchison…is a relatively pure pop offering. When folks think of pop music these days, they likely picture in their minds what is popular at the moment. And that picture would likely include mixtures of EDM, rock and rap into a contemporary sounding stew. However, when Hutchison’s music is described as pop, this description is meant to signal classic pop. So this truer picture would be something along the lines of the Beatles and melodic 60s music. It’s the kinds of sounds anglophiles particularly dig.” – Dan MacIntosh (2015)