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“… Otis creates refreshingly original music that entwines unique rhythms with heartfelt and soul-filled lyrics…. his love of life, the human race, and music are magnificently captured within his live performances and studio recordings…” (Tim C. Reviews)

“…Matt’s acoustic work gives birth to a new feeling and sense of consciousness that is never really explored in the independent/indie/folk scene…quite simply check this guy out…” (V.G. Productions)

Matt Otis is an indie/acoustic singer-songwriter (blends of ambient, alternative, folk) based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Otis has landed himself a cult-following due to his unique live-set which combines intricately-placed looping with his uniquely versatile vocal range…to do it justice just check out his live set … Otis’ latest album “Life, Love Death,” has been described by critics as “Undeniably Catchy and Thought-Provoking” (PA Music Scene). Recently, Otis was discovered by fans and promoters throughout his extensive U.S. Touring, which brought him to tour overseas in Italy and England. Although Otis’ focus is primarily on his original tunes, he has also been noted for his uncanny ability to learn almost any cover song over night, while transposing it into his own.

In addition to an unlimited amount of live-shows, Otis has set out to independently create a music video for each song on his latest album. Otis has filmed and edited everything independently, while enlisting various fans and friends to act throughout the course of the storyline. Otis musical themes encompass the thought that self-expression is our ultimate meaning. Each individual has the ability to express a uniqueness while shoving away the cookie-cutter constraints of mainstream thought.