Matt Woods

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“Get hold of this record. It will haunt and hold you.”
-Americana UK ( International, – 10.1.2017)

“His brand of genre-saving country possesses an authenticity that’s earned him the loyalty of fans plus the comparisons to a range of gifted wordsmiths that run the range from Jason Isbell to Charles Bukowski.”
-Tampa Bay Times (Tampa, FL – 2.18.2016)

“This record from Matt Woods is a brilliant display in songwriting from start to finish. There are no weak spots on Brushy Mountain as Woods allows listeners into his downtrodden world.”
-Atlanta Examiner (Atlanta, GA – 6.29.2014)

“Like Jason Isbell, another son of the South who bears a tenacious tone, Woods is in the vanguard of a country music’s feisty new generation. And in With Love From Brushy Mountain, he’s helping set the standard.”
-No Depression (International – 6.16.2014)

“As far as introductions go, With Love From Brushy Mountain walked right in and punched me in my face…[it’s] in the driver’s seat to receive The Broken Jukebox album of the year distinction.” (US/International – 6.2.2014)

“A Matt Woods show is show isn’t merely a whiskey-fueled half hour set of songs, it’s in-your-face theater–sometimes verging on a public exorcism–that draws the audience in like a constricting (or comforting) hug. He is the one breaking down the barrier between artist and audience; stepping in front of the microphone to shout (and sometimes whisper) his lyrics to the audience. He dismantles his ego piece by piece, until finally, at the end, the very symbol of a stage or a man standing on it
is obliterated and he is on eye and street level again.”
-Wild American Radio (Sacramento, CA – 5.25.2014)

“Listen to his songs on With Love From Brushy Mountain . It all seems so natural to flow from his pen, as if those lyrics and melodies were always ready to be.” (Netherlands/International – 5.21.2014)