Max Dvorak

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Max’s music contains elements of folk, acoustic, pop giving it a character not commonly found in todays singer/songwriter scene. Only a recent Midwest transplant to the bustling east-coast, Max has begun to find his niche in many coastal cities. Consistently performing in cities such as Philadelphia, New York City, Asbury Park, and Baltimore, Max has been making fans everywhere he goes. Even while breaking into the east coast scene, Max doesn’t forget his Midwestern roots. His original stomping grounds of Chicago, Des Moines, Minneapolis, and Madison are all still common stops on any tour.

Some of his more notable accomplishments have included sharing the stage with acts such as Carter Hulsey, Tyler Hilton, Into It Over It, Koji, The Dangerous Summer, The Scene Aesthetic, and other great acts. A major east coast supporting tour in support of Kiernan McMullan. Multiple Midwest TV appearances including Channel 3000’s Urban Theater Show, Channel 27’s Wake Up Wisconsin Morning Show, and KCWI Des Moines Great Day! Show. Also, multiple headlining tours in 2014.