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MELODIME is a piano-driven roots rock band made up of 2 brothers and their best friend that grew up performing music in the hayloft of a horse farm in Northern Virginia. MELODIME, meaning memories in the form of sound, is heavily influenced by an appreciation for the past, while keeping their music rootsy, catchy, and original. Their live performance is a point of strength as 3 guys perform multiple instruments without the aid of backing tracks or loops.

“One thing you never question about a MELODIME song is whether they put their all into it. Each one is not just musically addictive, but is fit to bursting with the emotion and energy the artists have infused into it; it’s not commercial, it’s better: it’s art.” – The Trades

Their catalogue includes 3 full-length albums that each tells a unique story about everyday circumstances that are expressed in a memorable and unique musical arrangement. Their live performance is a also a point of strength as they achieve with 3 guys (without the aid of backing tracks) what many 4 and 5 piece bands struggle to. The sound is full, energetic and refined, commonly praised as being better than the CD. Energetic pianos play an integral roll in their cross-genre, southern sound, which is “both modern, and yet nostalgic, just begging to climb the pop charts where they well and truly belong.” – JamSphere Magazine.