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Michael Solan has written and produced music for over a decade. His range of musical influence is extremely diverse, reflected in his crossover style of songwriting and approach to production. Early on, Solan was inspired by traditional American folk music, including early blues recordings by Robert Johnson and Leadbelly, and strong lyrical influence by Bob Dylan & Lou Reed. Solan’s proficiency as a multi-instrumentalist is the result of a devoted study and immersion in a rich spectrum of musical styles – Solan spent years of development and practice in rock and roll bands, hip hop and rap acts, the folk scene, even delving into jazz projects, and EDM – influences ranging from Pink Floyd & Black Sabbath to Dr. Dre, Beck, Miles Davis, Drum & Bass and more… All of this experience converges to create the unique sound and ideas expressed by his Theories in Music & Psychology. With Theories, the eclectic writer and producer hopes to refine the most active, radical elements of great music to a widely accessible, comprehensive new sound – a cohesive expression of 21st century audiophilia.

Theories in Music & Psychology is the body of written and recorded works by Michael Paul Solan. Theories are songs written, produced, and performed by Solan. Michael Solan is a lyricist, singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, drums, bass guitar, vocals and more). He studied Creative Writing at California State University, Long Beach.