Miss Tess and the Talkbacks

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“Deftly traverses the borderlines between early Tom Waits-esque lounge ballads, old timey country, a dollop of folk rock and a sprinkle of catchy jazz…Miss Tess’s deep, booming voice is alternately seductive and sexy, and is a pure joy to listen to.” — Pop Matters

“I don’t know of anyone else right now touring in the Americana scene that has such an eclectic, jazzy, old school and interesting vibe. There’s an authenticity present in Miss Tess’ music. It is not contrived, not too far a stretch for the skeptical imagination. She is real. And she is rare.”
— No Depression

“Nashville meets Brooklyn…country chic.”
— Village Voice

“An amalgamation of country-blues music with influences from artists both old and new, Baby, We All Know is decidedly old school. Miss Tess & the Talkbacks have truly crafted a winner.” – Paste Magazine

Miss Tess got her musical start at home in Maryland, her childhood nights ending in music. Her parents would sing her to sleep with the gentle, tender sounds of American folk songs, occasionally interrupted by their 30s swing band rehearsing in the basement. All grown up, Miss Tess & the Talkbacks regularly steal the show at venues with something a little rowdier and more eclectic. Infused with classic country, rhythm & blues, swamp pop and early rock n’ roll, she is an embodiment of everything that it still home grown in America.

On her newest release, Baby, We All Know, Miss Tess continues to explore her own personal crossroads of American roots music in a way that is fresh and personal. Always having a knack for catching timeless qualities in her music, she provides a diligent mix of grooves and tempos while backed by top-notch musicians including guitar ace and co-conspirator Thomas Bryan Eaton on telecaster and pedal steel. This year the new album was included in the Top 100 played albums on the Americana Music Charts and received significant critical acclaim.