Molly Alphabet

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Molly Alphabet is a country singer-songwriter born, raised, and residing in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Molly got her start when Chet Vincent (of rock band The Big Bend) wrote a batch of country tunes for a 5-song recording project in 2012. They had so much fun putting together that EP that they began booking live shows and haven’t slowed down since.

Molly and her friends play country music with a classic feel in arrangements from a simple duo to a 5-piece band complete with drums, keys, upright bass, electric guitar, and the occasional pedal steel– blending the sounds of traditional country twang, kazoo solos, and a Pittsburgh accent into something that will make you want to do the two-step. Each set is a mix of originals and your favorite tunes from decades past.

The band is excited to release their new EP “Traces” on May 13th at the AOH Club in Lawrenceville! This round of songs was written by Molly and ranges in character from rockabilly to indie folk and back to classic country. Check it out to find out what kind of country music blossoms from the cracked sidewalks of the Appalachian Rust Belt.