Morgan O’Kane

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As seen on FX network’s Louie on April 9th!

“…he masterfully combines flawless banjo with mystical vocals.” –

“Songs from Morgan are passionate, feverish and sometimes simply intoxicating.”

Morgan O’Kane plays banjo like no other. Originally hailing from Virginia; O’Kane currently resides in Brooklyn when he is not on tour, where he sometimes plays in the subway and on the street. The music is “to bluegrass and old timey what punk was to rock in the late seventies”. Deeply steeped in old traditions, O’Kane treats the banjo differently than you’ve heard it before and brings a punk sensibility to his music.

“I had never heard of Morgan O’Kane at all….but this is great. Subtle, musical folk and roots music, lots of great banjo sounds, a few solid songs that stick in your craw a bit. If you dig the sort of interesting ways some bluegrass/folk musicians are expanding their musical palatte, this is absolutely for you. Definitely give this one a listen.”  – If Its Too Loud