Moses Jones & The Dirty Southern Soul

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Dirty Southern Soul is…..

It’s found where the distance between saint and sinner is no further than the space between frets, where backsliders and Baptists sit together, listening to steel and strings, wood and wire that sounds like angels dancing on the rim of a Mason jar. It’s wound around the country lyrics of a story song, of folks leaving town on a ghost train or the wings of a dove. And, it lives in the wail of the bastard child called rock and roll, whose family tree branches into juke joints and smoke-filled bars, its roots prying up the floorboards of front porches and barn dances…

“Moses Jones started off the show with a bang.With the look of a band straight out of 1975, Moses Jones took the stage. Their influences of southern rock, country, blues, and I dare say some gospel, were apparent in their performance. Clad in a black derby and pink lensed shades, Robert Johnson certainly looked the part of a rock star as he took his spot mid-stage on the mic. They did a great job setting the table for the evening. If you take a look, you will be able to find Moses Jones playing in NC and SC. You will certainly have a good time checking them out -Jimmy Warsham, Shutter 16 Magazine

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