My One And Only

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“Southern-Soul and Curious-Grit”

“…new single is deeply authentic and unique. Their voices blend in the most beautiful ways and the song is lyrically perfect. Emotional and raw.” -Kacy Hagerty, TV host of ‘Nashville Insider’ and TV personality

Emotionally-honest lyrics will bid you to wander through hidden scenes in their lives, accompanied by raw vintage guitars and the intimate harmonies that only life-long lovers could discover. Uncovering the pursuits of purpose and love, with the triumphs therein, and exposing the pains of severed relational connections, My One And Only reaches into the expanses of their hearts to bring up lyrics that will cause you to wonder if they have been reading your diary.

With their polar-opposite musical backgrounds, Kassie and Benjamin meld old-school country, singer-songwriter, and alternative folk-rock into a sound that can only be described as “Southern-Soul and Curious-Grit”. From impassioned ballads like “You Never Ask How I’m Doing Anymore” to the raucous acoustic ditty “This Heart of Mine”, My One And Only serves up a full-course meal when they hit the stage. As to sound, the duo is driven by a racing-striped acoustic guitar (with some family history) and a suitcase kick-drum, but the bold vocal harmonies seal the deal. At times, Kassie and Benjamin’s voices seamlessly intertwine to create delicate thoughtful moments, while other times cultivating a roar of angst.

“I love these guys. If their fun upbeat songs don’t seal the deal for you, their never-ending onslaught of bold harmony is undeniable.” Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes), Grammy Award-nominated producer.

“My One And Only is an Americana band that oozes honesty through the music they make. They are a melding of raw acoustic music with meaningful lyrics that paint a picture of their and our journey.” -Eric Dahl, host of Fox 17 Rock & Review Radio & TV.

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