Nick Urb

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Released in 2012, Nick’s first album We Are Able was a watershed moment for the songwriter and fit well with the timely emergence of mellow folk pop troubadours’ such as City and Colour, Noah Gundersen and Ed Sheeren. With little promotions other than a Daytrotter session, the album miraculously found its way to music lovers across the world, receiving over 7 million streams on Spotify, and Nick began to cultivate extraordinarily close relationships with his fans. “The first album had such a wonderful response” Urb reflects. “I can only hope to replicate that on some level”.

For his new batch of songs, Urb began tinkering with odd tuning and while exploring both the happiness and hardships of his young adult life. The title track of the new album, “Until the End of Days”, solidified his commitment to pursue music. “If you love something, that’s the way it is” he asserts. “Whether good or bad, right or wrong, your mind has been made up.”

He recorded Until the End of Days in Hamilton, Ontario at Catherine North Studios. After hearing the sounds the studio naturally produced, he knew this was exactly the creative space the album needed. The resulting recordings are flushed with nostalgia and bittersweet melodies which showcase Urb’s coeval vocals and delicate musical sensibilities. More than anything, the musician extends a comforting assurance to others by honestly documenting the experience of coming into his own. As Nick sees it, “my songs are all inspired by deeply personal experiences as I intend to keep those moments and memories alive”.