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“…stark notes fly before Gary Tofie Hello Jr.’s voice comfortingly creaks like your favorite broken-in armchair. His words often center on people just trying to make ends meet and are sung with a gorgeous, mournful demeanor.” — Whurk Magazine

Gary Tofie Hello Jr. is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, tirelessly collecting stories and experiences in prose and sound. A native Texan, he has spent over a decade fighting for a sense of place and purpose in the rural mountains of southwest Virginia. His songs are hard-won tales of struggle, poverty, love and love lost, as well as existential contemplations of all the above. Founding member of Virginia-based bands Eternal Summers, Mommies, Disappearers’ Collective, Little Quick Heart, and a contributing member to Dark Hills and Viola’s Heartful. Featured along with his family and farm in the film Some Beasts.