Noelle and the Filthy No-No’s

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“Noelle Tannen weaves soul, jazz, and rock and roll to into amazing compositions of rich and beautiful strength. Her vocals are powerful, driving each song further into diverse and compelling energies, and it’s not a surprise that she grew up singing in churches.”
– Deli Magazine

Noelle and The Filthy No-No’s are a New York based band of sonic force lead by a soothe singing powerhouse. Their sound is a theatrical synthesis of Soul, Jazz and a touch of Rock and Roll as Noelle Tannen’s eclectic vocal approach defies any single standard; Ranging from delightfully innocent to aggressively ragged. Her band meets the demands of such acoustic versatility. Delivering a satisfying oomph of harmonic complexity and rhythmic articulation to support the delivery of a neo- sirens song. Exploring the tensions which underly existence, their sound reflects the intensity of living in a modern world.