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“Oyo’s debut album soars between eclectic romanticism and celebratory nostalgia.”
— Emily Votaw, WOUB

“Oyo’s debut album earns top marks in storytelling, but it’s the loose, ‘gather-round-now-y’all’ energy that sets it apart.”
— Sarah Arnold, ClutchMOV

“These Marietta folksy river larks have released a really enjoyable, fresh-sounding, fun collection of songs.”

— Mark Nenadic, Americana UK

“Rowdy and eclectic… raucous honky tonkin’ barn dance energy.”
— Dave Lavender, Dave Trippin

Born on the banks of the Ohio River, Oyo is a dynamic six-piece roots band that formed in the back of Marietta’s JustAJar Design Press over the course of jam sessions, eventually solidifying original work and. Gathered around a single mic, Oyo’s high-energy performances are equal parts honky tonk and barn dance, with an indie-rock undercurrent. Oyo trades off lead vocals between Aaron Martin (fiddle, mandolin), Cole Adair (guitar) and Michael Bond (guitar, keys, harmonica, spoons), with Bobby Rosenstock (banjo), Drew Tanner (bass), and Joe Ryckebosch (drums, washboard) joining in.

Where does the name Oyo come from?
The Iroquois referred to the Ohio River as Oyo (OH-yo), meaning “beautiful river.”