Poor Man’s Gambit

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Poor Man’s Gambit is a trio of traditional artists comprised of Corey Purcell (button accordion, cittern, vocals, bodhran, dance), Dylan Richardson (guitar, tenor banjo, bouzouki, vocals), Genevieve Gillespie (fiddle, vocals, dance).

The band’s roots can be traced to the early 90’s when Gillespie and Purcell met in Irish dance class at the age of five. The two pursued separate careers in the Irish arts, until finally reuniting in early 2015 with the addition of Richardson to form ‘Poor Man’s Gambit’.

Initially formed as a pickup band, the trio quickly realized that their combination of musical styles was worth pursuing as a more permanent venture, as they are set apart by not only offering a varied array of instrumental combinations, but also by including the visual (and audial) element of dance.

Though Corey, Dylan, and Genevieve were all raised in the U.S., they were brought up on the traditional music of Ireland, and all belong to musical families. Building on their roots as traditional Irish musicians, the trio’s repertoire is also influenced by traditional music of other cultures including France, Scotland, England, and America, some of which can be heard on their latest release ‘Kind Providence’. Several original tunes have also been included on the album including a waltz ‘The Second Goodnight, and a jig ‘The Nickel Plated Shoe’.

Poor Man’s Gambit is currently gearing up for their 2018 season, and hope to travel as far and wide as possible and make as many friends along the way.