Quiet Lion

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Quiet Lion is a Indie folk band based in Vermont fronted by duo Tommy Alexander and Alanna Grace Flynn . Quiet Lion has shared the stage with acts such as: Night Beds, Spirit Family Reunion, Milo Greene, Kevin Devine, Melkit, Alpenglow, and jenny o.

“Whatever You Say, by local duo Quiet Lion, is by far the label’s strongest to date. The album suggests not only maturation by the songwriting tandem of Alexander and Alanna Grace Flynn, but of the label itself.” -Dan Bolles, 7 Days VT.

”One listen of Alexander’s new EP, and you’ll see that what we’re dealing with is a modern day Jack Kerouac, whose penchant is for an on-the-road experience and whose mission is to capture what comes from the soul.” -Jesse Aizenstat, Huffington Post

“Listening to the latest album from Quiet Lion entitled Whatever You Say feels like an organic, experience. It’s filled with warm acoustic instruments like guitars, fiddles and upright bass that when they play together feels intrinsic and natural. The whole listening experience has a rustic quality to it that reminded me of a homey cabin in the woods, simple pleasures and getting back to the basics. Whatever You Say does a great job at eliciting some of the most essential and pure emotions from ourselves as melancholy, hope and beauty are sometimes simultaneously experienced. Overall, this album is as pleasant as the sunrise and as honest as the fields the farmers work in. Do yourself a favor and take a listen.” -Matt Jensen, The Equal Ground