RAB4, with special guest Kasey Lansdale

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-She’s touring behind her first full-length record, “Restless,” which does a credible job of straddling the line between traditional and contemporary country music while adding a touch of soul besides- Boston Globe

-I believe in Kasey and what she is doing musically and as a human being. She has the drive, talent, and spirit to make it happen in this business- John Carter Cash

Although from Italy, the great American music melting pot is a major influence with RAB4, a band whose members honed their skills through many years of gigs that featured rock’n’roll, R&B, folk, and blues, in Italy and abroad (USA, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, and Iceland). There are deep roots in this quartet’s DNA. Born as a rock band, RAB4 never turned their backs to rock’n’roll, while looking for a personal, unique idiom.

Their repertoire, a mixture of American classics and originals in English (English being their lead singer’s second language), displays intimate and almost totally acoustic moments as well as raw, rock-blues sounds and grooves. Their CD, Folk’n’Roll, fully produced by the band between the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, blends all those creative fluxes, proving an oasis of American music “made in Europe”.