Rushad Eggleston

Shows at the Purple Fiddle

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Rushad Eggleston is a mystical realm-hopping jester of
infinite glee, whose unprecedented extremely fast bouncy
cello style blows minds of all kinds. A charming
entertainer with unbridled passion, his joy is so contagious
that many showgoers complain of sore facial muscles
afterwards (the name Rushad means “joyful soul”). A
whimsically adventurous sense of melody shines through
in all shades & styles on any of the many instruments he
bejicks “to keep it fresh”. Sometimes he reads mystical
poetry in his own language, speaks in tongues, channels
aliens, throat-sings, beat-boxes, or does skits as different
characters such as Negative Ralph, Country Bob, The
Goblin, or Guru Fafa which he has a right to embody
because of his half-indian heritage.

Somewhat of an acrobat, Rushad can spin on one leg,
hang upside down, do the splits, play in plough pose, and
catch flying fruits in his mouth while playing fast intricate
cello rhythms. A distinguished flatpicker, his innovation
and skill are admired by many guitar luminaries. Although
some of his music is avant garde and experimental (he
has an amazing deathmetal cat-voice) he is an expert at
reading crowds and making personal anthems for people,
which means he can basically entertain anyone, even old
stodgy people. Rushad calls himself The Bat-Prince of
Jick, Rushadicus, Rusharguanox, and Ruusta Benuusta
Beduusta B’shad, who all have goals. Some of goals are:
to spread joy everywhere, to show people music is (at
least tied for) the most powerful force on earth, to inspire
many vegan transitions for the animals and planet, to
climb 10,000 trees, to surprise delight and expand minds,
and to play as many hours of music per day as life will
allow, including while driving. “Tharnoxx” AKA thankyou
for being interested in The Ambassador of Sneth.
Gladness will see you soon. Bye. Like, i have some stuff
to do okay, i think we’ve said enough. Full Scholarship to
Berklee? boring. Carnegie Hall? eww. Won all 3 years of
middle school talent show beating all the popular kids? old
news. Okay laters.