Rebecca Rego and the Trainmen

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“[Tolono is] an album worth celebrating, from Rego’s smart, attentive songwriting, to her earthy and appealing Edie Brickell-like voice, to the rustic warmth of the band that chugs along behind her” —  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

“From the omnipresent acoustic guitar to the mandolin, slide guitar, harmonica, violin: it has all the hallmarks of what Americana should be” — Smile Politely

A hushed Wisconsin folk sound has been cultivating itself for years. At the forefront of such a sound is Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen. Not just another country singer talking about trains and railroads, Rego works Midwestern ideals, small town luxuries, and the importance of family into the patchwork Americana sound of The Trainmen.

Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen are one of Chicago’s brilliant new artists.” — Communion Presents