Rebecca Wudarski

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Based out of the small mountain town of Thomas, W.V., Rebecca is a full-time artist and musician. Her current music project is a one-woman-band where she concurrently plays guitar, bass drum, hi-hat, and sings. In this configuration she creates an indie-folk sound with original songwriting, and traditional folk songs re-imagined by smashing together elements of swing, indie rock, modern pop, and old-time. Rebecca has cultivated a unique sound produced with a high level of musicianship, energy, creativity, and emotion; it’s footslogging heartbreak with a beat you can dance to.

Rebecca recently studied painting at Davis and Elkins College from 2012-2014. Her paintings are illustrative, figurative, and impressionistic. Her appreciation of folk music and culture can be seen and felt in her work, as well as her love for visual chaos, color, absurdity, and emotion.