Reecy Pontiff

Shows at the Purple Fiddle

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“Reecy Pontiff is as her name implies, divinely inspired.  As a musician and singer, she touches the heart and tickles the funny bone of every audience member. I’ve seen her emcee many times and have had her perform in my show Slow Burn Burlesque. Each time she has engaged and enthralled the crowd with bawdy songs that she makes the audience sing along to.”

“Reecy Pontiff is everything you want in a performer. As an MC, she is smart, witty, and engaging. She’s able to get the crowd riled up and excited, but also to keep them respectful – a difficult balance to strike in a burlesque show, but one for which performers and audience members will be eternally grateful. Reecy’s daring and willing to try new things, but never careless in her presentation. Her songs are hilarious, catchy, and oh so clever”