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Foster is a little bit country, a whole lotta rock and roll. While drawing much inspiration from legends of country music past and present, Foster’s sound can be more broadly described as rock. His roots run deep into the vein of American music, and he’s continually inspired by folk, soul, rock, and rhythm and blues. After releasing his debut solo album Rough Edges (The First Cuts) in 2015, followed by 2018’s Hardened Hearts, Foster formed Whiskey Foxtrot with singer-songwriter Seth Williams. The result was 2020’s Hard Lines & Headlights – the first and only studio offering from the outfit. In late 2021, after splitting with Whiskey Foxtrot, Foster formed a backing band and now tours as both a solo act as well as Sam Foster and The Obsolete. Foster is proud to announce the release of Heatwaves, his first record with The Obsolete. The record retains Foster’s roots in country and Americana but forges ahead into new territory for the leadman.

Sam Foster is a road dog. He lives and breathes the idea that repetition and regularity are the chisels to refine his craft. Hailing from Winston-Salem, Foster emerged on the North Carolina music scene in 2014. He’s brought his brand of tenacity to eager crowds all over the Southeastern United States ever since.

On “Let Me Out,” “Loud & Clear,” and the eponymous “Heatwaves,” Foster’s lyrics evidence a clear, growing concern with our planet and all the people on it. He digs into local lore with “Memorial Day” and “Get It Tonight,” and reveals his own story with “Seven Alarm” (sobriety) and “Drama Queen” (social anxiety). Heatwaves displays Foster’s full range of musical styles, and is a testament of where Foster is today on his artistic journey.

“‘Loud & Clear’ is a song for the times – displaying as an artist observing the world around him, looking inward, and coming out the other side a different person. Listening back over Foster’s catalogue.. ‘Loud & Clear’ is something different. The song not only presents a new sound, but also showcases a person who is wiser through his observation and reflection – challenging his listeners to be more empathetic to their fellow man.” – Mason Winfree, Americana Highways