Scott Miller

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“10 Unforgettable Moments from Cayamo. You realize how spoiled you are on the boat when the songwriters in the round features Patty Griffin, Buddy Miller, Scott Miller, Allison Moorer and Dar Williams. With each performer getting just three songs each, it was Scott Miller who surprisingly made the biggest impact on me and others in the crowd.” – Josh Jackson, Paste Magazine

“Like John Prine, Miller is not just a funny songwriter, although can be one of the most humorous out there. He can also come up with lines that are downright Zen – like “every winter will spring and every summer will fall” from “Loving That Girl is Too Hard on a Man.”” – John Nova Lomax, Houston Chronicle Blog

Scott Miller2“Scott Miller tells stories better than most novelists. His intuitive lyrics hide universal heartbreak behind humor. His empathy is unsurpassed. He bestows dignity on dirt, elevates our pettiest concerns to poetry. He makes himself and everyman when he is anything but. A single listen reveals how Miller is exceptional, with a delivery so piercing and true you hardly notice how thoroughly you’ve been shot through. See him sing live once, and you’ll never feel lonely again.” – Allison Glock, Garden and Gun

“Miller transitions smoothly between pop, country and blues and though at times you’ll wish he’d alight on one for more than a song at a time, the next tune always sweeps you away.” – Hyperbolium – A Critical Element