Shawan And The Wonton

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“Shawan Rice’s bluesy voice makes her sound older than she is, and it’s earned the 21-year-old from Harrisburg comparisons to Amy Winehouse and Billie Holiday. “Maybe I just have an old soul, and I’ve been here for, like, quite a few lifetimes,” said Rice, who also plays guitar, “and I’m just … here doing what I’m supposed to be doing, which is just … sharing some love, and … sending some healing vibes through some … tunes.””
— Ed Mahon, FlipSidePA

“Shawan Rice is 19 years old, but her voice has a raspy, expressive quality that one would think must be the product of decades upon decades of heartache and pain. Her old soul shines through in the bluesy indie rock tunes she’s created alongside drummer Dan Delaney and guitarist David Turby as part of their band Shawan and The Wonton.”
— Jen Merrill, Harrisburg Magazine

Harrisburg natives, Shawan and the Wonton are a Roots inspired Soul Collective. Comprised of Front Woman and Guitarist Shawan Rice, Keyboarist Mike Dempsey, Lead Guitarist Billy Cave, Bassist Xander Moppin, Saxophonist Jason Mescia and percussionists Logan Bedard and Dani Fiore. Inspired and influenced by a vast amount of genres such as, R&B, Folk and Jazz, Shawan and the Wonton leave their listeners with a fresh and original musical experience.