Shawn Owen Band

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“catchy reggae styled groove. Interesting & clever lyrics”

“Shawn Owen has the ability to kidnap his audience and transport them to a beach with family and friends.”
-Blair Campbell, owner of The Pretty Penny Cafe

Chill. That’s Shawn’s style and sound. That’s the best way to describe it… His versatility and passion are undeniable in every performance. Shawn is lightly finger picking and singing a beautiful falsetto one minute, then violently strumming and screaming with aggression at a defenseless microphone the next. Watching Shawn perform, you will go through these emotions with him: relaxation, energy, love, aggression, peace and struggle. Then later, you’ll be singing his original tunes in your head for days.

Owen released his debut album as a solo artist in early 2012 at Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg, WV. In this 6 song acoustic EP, Shawn writes about life, love, pain, joy, loss and other topics that relate to all our lives. Leicester Bangs says “assured writing is delivered with a solid, distinctive voice.”