Small Time Napoleon

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Small Time Napoleon is the combination of new ideas and old sounds. Their interest in the jazz standards of the swing-era shine through in their voices, writing, and playing, while their ear for new sounds and ideas constantly drives them forward. The product of this pairing is what Kyle Ware of Insider Louisville has called “a mad science blend of western swing, hot jazz and folk,” which is “already starting to gel into something wholly singular.”

Laura Shine, Assistant Program Director at WFPK, says of the band, “Small Time Napoleon is poised for big time things. They are truly one of the most unique and exciting bands I’ve seen come out of Louisville in a very long time. Their music and instrumentation and vocals are exquisite!”

“And that sound, along with the likability and caliber of the band, is gaining them quite a following, and if the measure of one’s worth is their friends, STN stock is rising quickly.”
-Kyle Ware, Insider Louisville

“This is the sound of a band so connected in vision and so united upon it’s path, that they come off sounding more like they’ve been playing together for decades.”
-Johnny Gutterman of