Star FK Radium

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“This is music that takes the listener on a musical journey, a gamut of powerful emotional landscapes. The imagery created is expressive, expansive, open and communicative, grand in scale, having generosity, displaying a readiness to talk to its listener. Close your eyes, listen and see what your mind conjures up.” – Dutch Progressive Rock Page, Holland

“They take me out of my comfort zone and force me to listen and follow what they’re doing without knowing where it will end. They confront me with my sometimes narrow minded view on music and for that they deserve a medal. Great, creative, innovating album with beautiful acoustic music. And thank you for the therapy session.” – Folk World, Netherlands

Contrary to its unwieldy moniker, instrumental band Star FK Radium moves smoothly through songs that are alt-folk in structure, but classical in sound. A mild, low-key mood exudes from the contemplatively picked guitar refrains and plucked or drawn violins. Measured drum beats with cymbal shimmer and triangle tings slow down the pace, bringing out the off-kilter nature of bittersweet waltzes. “Rhythm of Breathing” catches attention the most with its wavering, pulled violin lines that tense up into a sweet, but anxious higher register as the song progresses.