Strahan and The Good Neighbors

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“Waylon wouldn’t have done it this way, but he’d have approved.” – The Austin Chronicle

“What unfolds on the disc is a stream of music like a current in a river of song, bringing together Texas folk, Delta blues, country, and rock into a unique blend of American music.” – No Depression

“Doug Strahan’s an old buddy of mine. he’s a very versatile picker, from blues to funky country, to straight up heavy duty rock n roll. he makes guitar look so easy, it pisses me off!” –Scott H. Biram

To put it simply, we are an American Band or if you’re into the whole sub-genre thing, then call it American Old School. It’s funky but it isn’t funk; there’s country, soul, and blues in there, but it isn’t any of these; it’s American, but it’s not Americana. Like my favorite bands from the 60s and 70s, we’re steeped in old school American music, but we’ve evolved into something all it’s own.