Stray Local

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Stray Local is a folk celebration, an invitation to dance, a reminder of why the South is known for music that makes you feel at home. Our original tunes, well honed and alive, spring from the dynamic songwriting and demonstrates a lithe sense of what a song can become with deep understanding of Americana musical traditions. As comfortable with folk standards as with fresh material, Stray Local explores the joys of an inexhaustible genre.

Stray Local has won various awards including top honors at Charlie Poole Music Festival and Hoppin John’s Fiddler’s convention in the Folk Song, Vocal Duet, Old Time Band and Non-Traditional Band categories. Stray Local is the 2013 winner of the Hourglass Studios Competition and was a nominee for the best Americana band of 2015 at the Carolina Music Awards. We have two albums of original music and an album of traditional old time tunes.