The Barstool Romeos

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“When you’re sittin’ on a barstool drinkin’ a cold one, it’s the music you long to hear. These guys can rock yer sox off & next thing ya know they’re country as fried chicken (and finger lickin’ good too!).” -Red Hickey, WDVX

“Let’s just make this as simple as possible: The Barstool Romeos are one of the best honky tonk bands, you’re ever likely to hear. All you need for proof is to give the band’s sophomore disc ‘Last Call for Heroes’ a listen.” -Wayne Bledsoe, Blank Newspaper

The Barstool Romeos are an outlaw country southern rock band from Knoxville, Tennessee. They play original music and an occasional cover in a style soaked in whiskey and washed down with a cold beer. The Romeos are working-class stiffs with a chip on their shoulder and a good story to tell about heartache, making mistakes and drinkin’ bourbon til you can’t see straight. Ever had a bad case of hard luck? Well the Romeos can relate in a way that’s hopeful, and with a sense of humor. Songwriters Mike McGill and Andy Pirkle front the band, leaning heavily on their classic country, bluegrass and rock & roll influences. Bass player Josh Sidman has roots in classical music and bluegrass, Mark T. Dunn brings years of expertise to the rhythm section from touring with George Jones and the silent killer, Po Hannah plays a mean, yet silky lead guitar.

Members of the Romeos have performed with Chris Stapleton, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Marty Stuart, Elizabeth Cook, John Anderson, Blackberry Smoke, George Jones and have appeared on Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man cruise and at Rhythm and Blooms, Hippie Jack’s, Camperfest and the historic Bijou Theatre.