the Defibulators

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“Rowdy, punk-fueled twang highlighted by heaps of blue-collar wit” – Washington Post

“Carter Family-meets-Ramones…an eclectic acoustic/electric sound all their own.”

“Sinister, squawking urban honky-tonk and rockabilly served hot and dirty.”

“[Bug] and singer Erin Bru slip into harmonies that recall the storied Gram Parsons–Emmylou Harris duets…moments of unvarnished beauty”
– New York Magazine

“Substance and harmonies that recall the music that was played at the Grand Ole Opry in its heyday.” My Old KY Blog

They have emerged as one of the most engaging live acts from the thriving roots scene in Brooklyn, NY – melding, bluegrass rockabilly, dixieland, and punk into their own eclectic sound. Their shows are irresistibly infectious and rowdy (likened to watching “Hee-Haw on mescaline”), as they wield an arsenal of guitars, banjos, fiddles, and junkyard percussion, with relentless energy and rusty virtuosity. The DEFiBULATORs jump-start new life into vintage country music and deliver a unique sound that’s anything but old timey.