The Emburys

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Listed in Joe Bonamassa blog ‘Blues Musicians to check out in 2018

You could simply call The Emburys a roots and blues trio out of Peterborough, Ontario, but let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Stage right, you will find guitarist and vocalist Emily Burgess with her treasured Gibson 339 guitar, singing her catchy original songs with a unique, warm and smooth vocal style. If her vocals put you at ease, don’t sit back and relax too quickly – she is about to rip into a blazing guitar solo, paying homage to her heroes Chuck Berry, Freddie King, and SRV in every lick.

Stage left, bassist Rico Browne is busy laying down the lowest notes in the band, while simultaneously singing the highest harmonies. He is producing a great deal of sound in this band, and he looks like he’s having the time of his life doing it.

Finally, completing the V formation and anchoring the band is Marcus Browne on drums and vocals. You might see his band mates laughing during the show – looking back in awe of his never ending creativity, technical prowess, and huge personality. Simply put, he is one fine musician.

This cohesive three piece band sounds like it has more members hiding behind the curtains. With soaring three part harmony, expert attention to detail on their instruments, and original tunes that you will be singing all the way home, The Emburys are worth a close-up look.