The Gage Brothers

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They say that when the planets align and the currents of fate swirl just so, that a band will be formed to pale all other bands. An astrologer was consulted in regards to The Gage Brothers, “The planets looked like a connect the dots puzzle when they started. A very easy one, and quite scattered about”. So we have come to terms with that… not all astrologers can be trusted.

The Gage Brothers started in March 2014 when two brothers, Ben and Zach Gage, spent a sunday afternoon kicking around old folk songs and singing some harmonies. From there the group has evolved naturally and quickly, gaining the reputation as one of the hardest working groups in their area. The Gage boys come from a large family nestled in the rural parts of northeast Ohio, and have grown up working hard, making music, eating healthy doses of mama’s cooking and making more music. Writing comes naturally to them both, and you will find that their straightforward lyrics and relatable songs capture their roots and spin tales that all walks of life can make their own.

Having released their first album in August 2015 (on their mom’s birthday, sweethearts) “Take It Back”, has gained them local attention and beyond. Making Cleveland Music City’s “The top 30 Albums of 2015”, album reviews with NPR 90.3 Ideastream and WAKR in Akron, OH, they have started to gather an audience eager to see where they go next.

The most exciting part of 2015 for The Gage Brothers was the befriending and acquisition of two of Cleveland’s most talented musicians. Brendan O’Malley (mandolin) and Chris Volpe (banjo) have joined forces with Ben and Zach to create The Gage Brothers 2.0. Now a four piece Americana band, they create an energy that draws you in and leaves you wanting more. “I can’t stop stomping my feet and clapping my hands, I tried, can’t do it” says a local kiss-up. Brendan and Chris have become honorary siblings, and the group can’t wait to share their talents and stories with its ever growing crowd.

Welcome to our family.