The Josephines

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stomp n holler rock n roll
The Josephines are rock ‘n’ roll soaked in Kentucky bourbon with stomp and holler country beats coming from the Flat top hills of southern Kentucky. Delivering heartfelt songs with hard rock power the Josephines are the embodiment of the ferocious spirit of rebellion that gave birth to rock ‘n’ roll.

“To date, the biggest band to come out of the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky is almost certainly eclectic art rockers Cage The Elephant. But it’s also home to The Josephines, who describe themselves as a rowdy quintet of down-home rockers, and whose music howls and roars and whispers its way round heady combinations of bluegrass, hard-bitten country rock, Gothic folk, heavy metal, psychedelia and good old-fashioned barnstormers.” – Alisdair Fotheringham, American UK

Band members Brad Tabor at lead vocals, guitarists brothers Zach and Alex Lindsey, bassist Lee Williams, and drummer David Page make up this rowdy quintet.

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