The Ladles

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“The Ladles have three part harmonies perfected…Sound of Boston

……but their sound is more than that. They are an amalgamation of their respective histories and influences, blending Swing, Old-Time, Neo-Soul, Choral music into a sound all their own. Using solely acoustic instrumentation and three voices, they create a dreamy otherworldly atmosphere that draws audiences in and demands attention. They quiet noisy bars and liven up staid concert halls. The Ladles are Katie Martucci, Caroline Kuhn, and Lucia Purpura-Pontoniere.

Katie, Caroline and Lucia crossed paths in the fall of 2014 at New England Conservatory. At that point in time, they were the only women in the undergraduate Contemporary Improvisation program. So, seeking female companionship, they banded together. Hours spent playing together in the dorms led to performances at friends’ house concerts and local Boston venues. By the following year, they were living together in Cambridge and performing as The Ladles (a name fashioned after an altered “ladies room” sign in Jordan Hall).

The Ladles released their first EP in the spring of 2016 and spent the subsequent summer touring the Northeast, captivating audiences with their distinctive vocal harmonies and unique arrangements. They are gearing up for their second annual summer tour, and have plans to record their first full length album this coming winter.