The Maggie Valley Band

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“No matter where you catch The Maggie Valley Band, you are sure to enjoy their brand of Americana as only two siblings playing together for a lifetime can bring.— Independent Mail News

TMVB is a raw approach to Appalachian music intertwined with a heavy sixties influence. Lead by sister-sister harmonies and laced with various instruments, it is a refreshing band. The music is a combination of traditional folk tunes and originals by the band.

Hailing from North Carolina, two sisters and friends of the Maggie Valley band came together in the town they now identify themselves with. Each member learned their trade of music in the beautiful mountains of Maggie Valley, NC. Sisters Whitney & Caroline Miller grew up in a home where playing the piano was a daily requirement. Daily requirements turned to passion as they hit the streets to street busk. After years of busking, The Maggie Valley Band was officially formed and decided to take it inside-to venues. TMVB is currently in the studio for their album under the direction of Grammy nominated producer, David Mayfield.