The Moon My Twin

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The Moon My Twin was born of respect: in a small West Virginia mountain town filled with artists and musicians, like tends to find like, and Americana is the dominant local soundtrack. Emay, Chris, and Chuck all made their way to Thomas from three completely different musical backgrounds, and each was a loveable misfit within this regional scene in his or her way. [Insert backgrounds here.] Yet each saw in the others a serious regard for the craft of song-writing and a desire to take music seriously. They worked hard to merge their respective sound, and what resulted after two years of experimentation was the kind of idiosyncratic rock that melds a diverse variety of influences yet which is defined by a sound that can’t be described through facile comparisons to other bands. Emay’s powerful, inimitable voice is supported from below by Chris’s strong and distinctive guitar sound, while Chuck’s drumming drives the tempo from a gentle lullaby to a manic pitch, sometimes in the same song. The best description of this band’s sound is that is an evolution, and aren’t we lucky that we can watch to see where it goes next?