The Saturday Giant

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“His layered compositions recall the very best of Beck, TV on the Radio and so many other outside-the-box indie powerhouse rockers.” – Ghettoblaster Magazine [Ohio]

“One of the best solo acts you’ll see in America today.” -Bob Saar, Iowa Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame

The Saturday Giant is the one-man art-rock band from Columbus, Ohio. Since 2010, The Saturday Giant has produced four releases, collaborated with technology conferences and performing arts groups, and given over 600 performances in 48 U.S. states. This innovative and compelling live show gives audiences a window into the songwriting process, as The Saturday Giant sculpts layers of guitars, drums, bass lines, beat boxing, keyboards and vocals into towering walls of sound, without the aid of prerecorded samples. Even while maintaining his rigorous touring schedule, The Saturday Giant is preparing his full-length debut for 2016.

“Philip Cogley (AKA The Saturday Giant) has taken looping to the limit of human comprehension. With all the moving parts of Cogley’s performance you never feel like you’re watching a one-man band, but rather that you’re witnessing sonic acrobatics.” – Play Too Much [New York]

“Modern pop nirvana.” – C-Ville Weekly [Virginia]

“A one man indie-art-pop-post-rock-shoegaze machine…He builds his songs from scratch every night, capturing sounds on the spot and layering them like artful, epic, multifaceted legos.” – Bozeman Magazine [Montana]