The Truehearts

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“The music feels good, with guitars that jangle and shimmer, vocals and harmonies that recall Emmylou, Kelly Willis and Tom Petty, Steve Earle and even The Whites, The Jayhawks and Mary Chapin Carpenter, with an occasional sidelong glance at The Beatles” – TOMMY WOMACK (Singer-Songwriter, East Nashvillian Magazine)

The Truehearts are a Nashville based Americana/Roots duo comprised of singer/songwriters Debra Buonaccorsi and Steve McWilliams. Their music is characterized by close harmonies and close ties to the roots of American music, full of harmonies and hooks to raise a smile, and lyrics that range from love and yearning to dreams and cautionary tales. Originally from the Washington DC area, The Truehearts tour throughout the US and have become a fixture in the East Nashville Americana scene.

Together, with the combination of their unique talents, vocal power and excellent musicianship, Buonaccorsi and McWilliams make musical magic. They bring to mind the tradition of great American songwriting duos of the past… Cash and Carter, Harris and Parsons…. Buonaccorsi and Mcwilliams songs are honest poetry with themes of love, life, death and alienation all wrapped up in a package of sheer musical joy. Songs that seek answers to the same questions that confront us all.