Thomas Bryan Eaton

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It was the first day of spring, with the night sky holding a full moon, when Thomas Bryan Eaton was born…

Shortly there after, he sat down at a piano and fell in head over heels with the magic of sound. A lover of music in all its forms; Thomas can play pretty much anything that makes noise, but likes to spend most of his time wandering around the frets of a guitar, slip-sliding on a pedal steel or singing songs with nice melodies.

We All Want To Be Love, Thomas’ second full-length record, finds him standing with one foot firmly planted in traditional American roots music and the other finding new meaning to the term rock ‘n’ roll.

Thomas’ emphasis on classic songwriting and instrumentation coupled with fresh melodies and expansive arrangements sets him apart from many of the other loosely labeled Americana acts of today.

“For years, I focused on instrumental abilities. Studying jazz improvisation, learning bluegrass and old-time fiddle tunes, and generally focusing on getting what’s inside my head, out of it on various instruments,” says Eaton from his Brooklyn apartment. “Then, one night while playing bumper pool with my friend in college, I heard Dylan’s Nashville Skyline for the first time. That marked the emergence of “the song” in my musical landscape. What you can do with words, stories and music is absolutely amazing. Now, “the song” is by far the most important thing to me.” Thomas’ sense of song, combined with his instrumental prowess, is what gives this record not only depth; but also a reason to dive deeper.

Aside from working on his own material, Thomas has also proven to be a valuable side man and studio musician. He has performed in bands with styles including honky-tonk, zydeco, swing, blues, and indie rock.