Tristan Omand

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“Story-teller is another word that comes to mind when I think of Tristan. Like the folk singers of old, Tristan’s lyrics rely heavily on stories and universal human experiences. Songs like “Somewhere Between India and Idaho” and “When I’m Low” off of Tristan’s latest album, Wandering Time, are particularly shining examples of his storytelling abilities.” – Quiet Lunch Magazine, 2013

‎”I’m here to tell you that Tristan Omand is the real deal, and a helluva picker. Check him out y’all!”  –Twang Nation, 2011

“Confident and poignant, his songwriting has greatly benefited from years practice, perseverance, and, perhaps, a little breathing room. The album flows with an ease and elegance that the listener has been waiting for throughout the course of his recording career.”  -Chris Hislop,, 2013

“His musical style might be considered Folk. You might also call it country, or Americana, but whatever you label it, his earthy, realistic lyrics reveal a man full of youthful wanderlust, strong passion and molten ambition.” -Adam McCune, The Union Leader, 2010