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“To see these guys perform live is truly a wonder to behold. They possess a certain raw magic that leaves audiences of all ages entertained to their childhood core.” ~Mindy Thomas, Program Director/SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live

Trout Fishing in America is the longstanding, four-time GRAMMY nominated musical partnership of Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet. A willingness to at once make fun of our most annoying daily habits, then to touch our hearts with tender and passionate images of family life, is what makes the connection between Trout Fishing in America and its audiences so compelling and poignant. “…the Lennon and McCartney of kids’ music.” – National Public Radio

Trout Fishing in America is the long-standing musical partnership of Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet. The name, taken from a Richard Brautigan novel, seems almost as incongruous as a picture of this musical duo: Ezra Idlet (guitar) stands six feet eight inches and Keith Grimwood (bass), five feet five and one half inches. Ezra is more playful and extroverted while Keith is more serious and reserved. Each of them bring out the best in the other and the joy that comes from this musical interaction is contagious and impossible to deny.

“On Sunday we hosted our friends TROUT FISHING IN AMERICA. It was one of the most fun shows we have hosted in years. We always book incredible songwriters and the guys in TFIA are surely that. But sometimes I just need a flat-out fun show. If you made the show, you already know what I am talking about. If you didn’t, don’t stress……they will be back. Again and again. Anyone who can make an entire audience smile needs to visit every year. Thanks to TFIA for giving me that smile. Makes a good start for the week that follows!” ~Chris Maxwell/Red Dragon Listening Room