Troy and Paula Haag

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“…expect a well rehearsed, amply oiled music machine with soaring vocals and astral harmonies, expect hearing some old favorites not usually covered by the less talented and expect some of the greatest original songs you’ve never heard on the radio. In short expect the unexpected.”  – Warren County Report

Troy and Paula Haag’s music is steeped in Americana, folk, country, and alternative pop. Contemporary, yet fully informed by the American and English folk rock heyday of the 1960s and 1970s, their sound is a characterized by delicate yet driving acoustic guitar, propulsive percussion and intimate vocal harmonies.

Troy and Paula’s music is a mixture of the traditional and the contemporary. The combination of strong songwriting, live performances, and a strong bond as a husband & wife duo, provides an ideal connection for creating pieces of beautiful, sincere, and authentic music. Troy and Paula describe the music as “a mash up of folk, rock, & Cosmic American.”

The duo’s commitment to music stems from an innate ability to appreciate the people and places that have affected their lives in sometimes simple, but more often than not, very profound ways. According to one review, “the inherent ability to capture these moments in an engaging and musical manner is where Troy and Paula excel.”