Tucker Knisell

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Born and raised in the hills of Preston County this 23-year-old, guitar strumming lyrical country artist embodies his Appalachian home in his musical talent. He taught himself guitar around the age of 11 growing up in a home with a family of talented musicians who have toured nationally and even internationally in the country music circuits. Emboldened by the bluegrass pickin’ of his home state of West Virginia, his elaborate progressions and mind-numbing guitar strummin’ pays homage to his quote “I ain’t a three chord on the porch musician, [I] was raised on that shit. [We] used to have Saturday nights as a kid when we’d turn on the bluegrass station and raise hell.” When you’re not in awe of his incredible playing ability you will be by his true blue country lyrics. You can hear the inspirations of his song writing which he accredits to folks like country greats George Straight and Meryle Haggard as well as new age acts like Sturgill Simpson. His top track, “Wrist Tattoo” has surpassed 50,000 streams on Spotify and 10,000 streams on Youtube with his newest tune “Rhubarb” landing on Country Central’s top ten songs of the week within a week of its release.