Tyrone Cotton Trio

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Singer, Songwriter, guitarist Samuel Tyrone Cotton grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. His Grandfather’s rough, beautifully arresting singing grabbed the young Tyrone’s full attention. His grandfather was a baptist preacher. He sang with a near illegal charm. He cast a spell. There was always music around. Cotton’s mother loved gospel and R&B, and his first concert experience was BB King, who thrilled and captivated the youngster with his playing and his tale weaving.

Tyrone’s earliest memory of musical revelation was listening to the raspy inspirational voice of his grandfather, the Reverend Cleveland Roosevelt Williams. Cotton picked up his first guitar at a young age and strummed to the sounds of popular rock and blues artists. Tyrone began writing his own songs as his style and voice developed; not pure blues but tossed with folk, fused with a little jazz, and stroked with rock. A sound unique and original as any you’ll hear.