Union Sound Treaty

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“These guys have a bead on what really resonates in country music with listeners.”– Saving Country Music

If you were to get lost one night and take a few wrong turns, you may find yourself surrounded by steep ridges and dark hollers outside some small Appalachian saloon. There’s also a good chance you’ll hear Union Sound Treaty, playing from within. You’d experience the full band breakdowns that empower an entire crowd to produce a resounding bass beat with the heels of their feet, haunting stories, the whine of a pedal steel, or the touching songs that seem shaped by the very landscape and the people who live there. Made distinctly unique by the powerful, time-weathered voice of singer/songwriter Charles Wesley Godwin, guitar riffs by the classically educated guitarist John Schooley, bass with vintage taste by bassist Shawn Wilhelm, and the steady methodical rhythm provided by drummer Ross Justice, Union Sound Treaty stands apart in a music world saturated by thousands of hopeful artists and bands all trying to “hit it big” someday.

Union Sound Treaty is based out of Morgantown, West Virginia. Outsiders may not exactly view this as the most ideal location for a band to base its music career. However, it does allow the boys to exist on an island of creativity, remain close to their roots, and play out…A LOT.

The boys of Union Sound Treaty take their audiences for an intense ride of hopeful highs and woeful lows with their blend of country, americana, southern rock, bluegrass, and blues sounds. Show goers can rest assured they won’t be hearing any of the ear numbing clichés so often reused and reworded. Instead, audiences may find themselves in the shoes of some well intentioned yet desperate criminal on the run, a hard working Appalachian giving up on the world to go find solace at the bottom of a glass on a Mexican beach, or a musician having a bit of fun hearted humility realizing a lingerie fashion show is not the stereotypical “first gig” for most beginning young artists.