Waylon Speed

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Underground Outlaw Dirt Rock

“A cross between Metallica and the Lumineers, with an unnecessary dash of Prince showmanship.”
– Washington Post

“ It’s stellar, burn-the-barn-down alternative country with a mountain of sound and strong group harmonies.”
– Erie-Times News

“An almost mind-numbing energy runs through this album, from its first notes to its last. The guitar, drum and bass work — courtesy of Chitwood Hammaker, Justin Crowther and Noah Crowther, respectively — that drive Ravin’s lyrics down the dirty back roads and endless interstates of America sound like Johnny Cash’s Tennessee Three ridin’ on some serious amphetamines. This is energy that would have been incomprehensible in the 1950s.

Tracks “Then Again” and “Killin’ Time” feature some of the finest quick-fingered guitar solos to come out of a Burlington amp in a long minute. Ravin’s lyrics regarding “broken bottles, broken bones and broken hearts” (“Smoke”) are written and delivered with heartfelt sincerity.” – Seven Days